What we value and the life skills we teach are integrated into our program activities

 Whitewater Rafting, Pennsylvania

Whitewater Rafting, Pennsylvania

Jim thorpe, pennsylvania

A small group of us went to Pocono Whitewater to enjoy 12 miles and 5 hours of class III whitewater rafting. 

 Central Park, New York

Central Park, New York

Central Park

Parents were invited to join their children on a trip to central park for some family time ice skating. Afterwards, the youth broke away from their parents and just enjoyed each others company

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smoothie day

Students were taught how to make their own healthy smoothies. Then they were allowed to take orders from staff and make smoothies themselves.


The strategies and activities that are employed in the program are purposefully designed to increase social, cognitive, and behavioral engagement in physical learning environments that leverage motivation and achievement in sport. This leveraging, coupled with the integration of the TPSR model, will facilitate the program's effectiveness in teaching life skills and building meaningful relationships. The most important aspect of the program's teaching attitude is to guide, model, and impart knowledge from a moral and value-based system. From this personal and corporate standpoint, The Redemptive Call works alongside at-risk youth to build confidence, competence, and resiliency for life.